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Best Love Stories


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True Love

Do you believe in true love? One man did but realise that true love wasn't what he imagines it would be right from the start.

The Missing Rib

It was said that when man was created by god, woman was created from man's rib and hence, every man will spend his life searching for his "missing rib". See how a man's search for his "missing rib" lead to a life an anguish as he lost the woman whom he loved the most.

The Other Woman

Do you treat the other woman in your life with enough love and respect? Just in case you are wondering who is your the other woman, it is you mother. This story focuses on the greatest love a mother can give to her son.

The Apple Tree

Another story reminding us to never forget about the self sacrificial love shown by our parents.

Love Is The Solution

Love is the solution for all the wars, tragedies and hatred in this world. Read this story to understand the meaning behind the statement.


This meaningful story shows that love and trust goes hand in hand even though many people do not understand it.


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