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Emo Love Story
White Lies Part 1

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I studied medicine in a famous university. Since my parents couldn’t afford the expensive tuition fees, I had to work in a restaurant as a waitress.

That was how I met Troy, the owner of the restaurant. He’s a devilishly handsome guy and a very young multi-millionaire. After several months, I realized two things. The first one is I enjoyed my work very much. The second one is that I’m madly in love with my boss with all my heart and I love him more than anyone else.

My heart skips a beat when he lays his eyes on me. His sweet little words gently touch my heart from within. The most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life was when he approached me to tell me he loves me too. That was when I realized that the guy I secretly love feels the same way as I do!

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It was a perfect relationship. Even though I feel awkward every time he’s with me, I’m very happy because it’s a dream come true.

After a year, we still longed for each other in our relationship. Our feelings were the same as before. However one day, I noticed he became uncomfortable with us. I asked him why.

He looks into my eyes directly and says those words. Those words which broke my heart into pieces. He’s breaking up with me. He told me that I’m the biggest mistake in his life and I’m not suited to have a relationship with him. He went on further to say that I’m just a low prize girl that seeks a rich guy to change my social status to solve my financial problems.

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I felt numbed. Maybe it was due to the tears that flow ceaselessly from my eyes. I turned my back to him and ran away. I reached home with a strange feeling. I felt pity for myself and anger at the same time. As I lay on my bed, I promise myself not to love him anymore. That night, I tried not to think of him anymore and to forget him indefinitely. But how? I couldn’t even stop myself from crying.

Many days, months and years passed rapidly. I was sitting comfortably in my swivel chair when my secretary gently tapped me. She told me that I need to visit my new patient in Room 207.


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