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Letting Her Go Part 4

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After school, Jeanne called James to thank him.

"James! Thank you so much! It went so well between Eric and me!"
"That's... That's great Jeanne..."
"I owe it all to you. Let's go out for lunch or something sometime. I'll pay." Jeanne sounded so happy.
"Jeanne, I don't think that'll be possible."
"Why not?"
"I'm leaving for U.K."
"What about your parents? Why are you going? How are you going? I just don't believe this!"
"My parents passed away a long time ago. I have enough money to get on a plane to U.K."
"But what about me? I thought you loved me!"
"Yes, I do. But you're in love with someone else and I don't want to be a burden to you. I want you to be happy with the one you love and not be pressured by me. Tell Eric that I congratulate him and please help me bade him goodbye. Bye, Jeanne."


Jeanne couldn't believe it. She was able to date Eric because of James. She was able to get attractive because of James. She was always comforted because of James! And he was leaving her out by herself in the big, hateful, hideous world. She suddenly felt so scared. She dialed James's number again but he had disconnected the phone. She finally knew who is important to her right now.

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She quickly got dressed into the clothes James bought for her and ran outside. She was running for her dear life to James's house. When she got there, he was right there in front of her.

Jeanne was so happy she cried out, "JAMES!"
He turned to face her.
"James, how can you leave me like this?" James looked at her with his soft eyes.
"I'm sorry, Jeanne. I have to leave. My cab's here. Bye, Jeanne." James gave her a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the taxi. She watched the taxi disappear around the bend and watched her James leave her forever! She started crying and continued crying as if her life was over. To her, her life is officially over as she is now alone in the world with nobody to support her.

-15 years later-

James came back to America as a successful lawyer. He came back to America in search for the girl he had loved 15 years ago. Everyone in U.K. asked him about her often. Now that he is back, he would be find her and get back together with her. But little did he know there was a problem with that.

"Eric?" James had called Eric. They were in touch the whole time James was in U.K.
"Hey! What's up?"
"I came back to America dude!"
"Oh! Umm! OK!"
"I want to ask about Jeanne. Is she all right?"
"James, there is something that I should let you know."
"I'm getting a bad feeling about this!"
"Well, I guess you can say she's happy and well."
"What do you mean?"
"She's with God, man. She's gone."
"Haha. Nice joke. I'm not kidding. Tell me where she is."
"Dude! I'm Telling You! After You Told Her You Were Leaving Her, She Started Getting Depressed And Became Extremely Stressed! It Was Horrible! Why The Hell Did You Leave? She Would Still Be Alive! She Committed Suicide Because Of You! What The Hell Is Wrong With You, You Dumb-Ass Jerk! I Thought You Loved Her! I Don't Think That's What Guys Who Fall In Love Do To Their Crush! Just Leave Me Alone! Remember When You Called Me A Jackass? You'd Better Think Again."


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The phone fell from James's hand. He dropped to his knees in disbelief. He couldn't believe it. He felt like everything is against him. He felt so angry with himself. He felt like ripping himself up. He wanted to follow Jeanne up to heaven.

For days and days, James didn't eat anything. He was too depressed to carry on with his life.

James was buried right next to Jeanne's grave. His tombstone read:

R.I.P. James Brandon

The One Man Who Let Go Of A Woman And Lost Her


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