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Sweet Chocolate Part 2

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“Chocolate?” I clarified.
He nodded.
“What’s that for?”
For you to eat. Duh. My interior self told me.
I mean. Why would he give that to me?
“For you to eat.” He answered with no fuss.
Then I heard my mean self laugh sarcastically. That was obviously a silly question. I felt my cheeks warming up. This is really embarrassing. He gave me a really sweet smile.
“The chocolates are sweet right?”
I nodded. I was silently trying to tell my body to act normally. I'm blushing badly. If he asks, I’ll blame it on my hormones!
“The sweetness of the chocolate will help you lessen the bitterness of your recent break up.” He explained.
“How did you…”
Wow, he was right. That was a good analogy. Why haven’t I thought of that earlier?
“How did I know that you just came from a break up?” He continued my question.
I nodded.
“I overheard his break up conversation with you. Sorry, I shouldn’t be eavesdropping but I couldn’t help it! He sounded like a real loser so I listened to him for a good laugh.”
My mind processed what he said.
“So you think our break up was for a good laugh?” I said, sounding insulted.
“No! That’s not what I meant. I felt that Edward is someone to be laughed at, not your break up.” He clarified.
“He was really stupid for letting you go over some girl who is not even as nearly as pretty and intelligent as you are.” He further explained.

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Wow. That was flattering. I mean the compliments came from a guy like him. That must mean something. I forced a smile.
“Geez… Thanks.” I said out of embarrassment.
I looked at the chocolate that he gave me. I took out its wrapper and ate it. Wow. Chocolate has never tasted this good before. I looked at him.
“This is good.” I said.
“Well, what can I say? I’m a genius right?” He said with a contented smile on his face.
I can’t help but smile. It was the first real smile I had ever since Edward and I broke up.
“Right.” I said in a tone as if I was forced to agree,
“What?” He said defensively.
“Chocolates are sweet. It has endorphins also known as happy hormones. See? You are already feeling better. I like to give myself a tap on the back.”

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I smiled at his statements. He is smart. I already knew that since we were classmates and he always talks sense whenever he recites in class. Today, I realized he is kind as well and I now see him as an angel saving me from my dungeon of emptiness.
“Thanks for the chocolate and for making me feel better.” I said wholeheartedly.
He smiled.
“You are very much welcome. I love saving pretty damsels in distress.” He answered with a teasing look.
I smiled back. Suddenly, my heart that was aching with pain felt numb. Then, it felt relieved. This might be the start of a beautiful friendship or a blossoming love, perhaps?

By Jayce


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