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Love's Song Part 2

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“What did you call Thomas, Yuri Kowan?”
Emily demanded, rounding on Yuri forcefully. Yuri was staring wistfully at the picture of her and Simon. Emily snatched the picture out of Yuri’s hands.
“How did you know Thomas?” she snapped, staring at the picture in disbelief and disgust.
“That’s my brother Simon when he was still alive.” Yuri said, reaching out to take her picture back.
“Please give it to me.”
Emily smirked and held the picture out of reach.
“You really like him, don’t you?” she asked.
Yuri looked away but didn’t answer. To Yuri’s horror, Emily dropped the picture. The glass frame crashed to the floor and shattered. The picture lay in the pieces of broken glass.
“No!” Yuri cried, bending down to pick up the picture.
The girl felt her heart shatter the moment the glass broke. Tears streamed down Yuri’s face as she held the picture to her chest.
“Why did you have to do that?” Yuri cried, glaring at Emily with tear-filled eyes.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. It just slipped out of my hands.”
Emily said sarcastically. She moved her face closer to Yuri’s.
“But I’m warning you, Yuri Kowan, I like Thomas so stay away. He’s mine.”
She stepped over the glass and stamped out, leaving Yuri and her shattered frame and heart behind.

Neither Yuri nor Emily mentioned anything about the picture incident. Yuri performed spectacularly for the next few days and their orchestra concert was a great success.

Thomas walked over to his dormitory after an exhausting day of performance. His fingers were numb from playing. He reached his dormitory and found his dorm mate, Willis Patan sitting on the floor with three cups upside down in front of him.

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“Want me to foretell your future for you, Vacur?” Willis asked, wrinkling his forehead.
“No thanks, Patan. I’ve outgrown fortune-telling.” Thomas said coldly.
“Come on Vacur. Try it.” Willis nagged, pulling on Thomas’s sleeve.
The boy swung free and rolled his eyes, sitting down across Willis.
“Pick one.” Willis instructed, mixing the three cups up.
Thomas gave an impatient sigh and picked the middle one. Willis carefully opened the cup and took out a piece of paper.
“Oh, this is a love spirit. It says the girl of your life is getting close to you now. You will find on her a card that says the same thing as I said to you.”
Willis said, with a look of awe on his face. Thomas rolled his eyes in annoyance.
“It’s just a bunch of crap as usual.” He muttered and climbed into bed.

Yuri walked back to her dormitory after a day of music class. Suddenly, a shoulder knocked into hers and immense pain shot through her shoulder bones. It was Thomas. For a moment their eyes met. Yuri stared deep into Thomas’s blue eyes and saw something. She wasn’t sure what it was but it looked like a streak of sunlight through all the ice. She stared at him for a long while and he stared back. Yuri couldn’t believe that anyone could look so alike in this world. The girl thought of Simon’s handsome face, his wonderful blue eyes and that he would be standing here right next to her joking and laughing like old times if he hadn’t died in that horrible accident. If it weren’t for that other stupid driver, Simon would still be here. A single tear rolled down her cheek and she let it trickle down her chin.

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“Why do you always cry whenever you see me, Kowan?” Thomas asked as he narrowed his eyes so they looked like slits.
“You remind me of someone,” Yuri said vaguely, looking as if she’s in a trance.
“Someone that meant the world to me. Someone who would be here today if that car accident hadn’t occurred one year ago.”
Yuri turned on her heels and sped down the hall toward her dormitory. She hated facing Thomas. She didn’t look back to see Thomas staring after her for a long time. Somehow he remembered so clearly the way she looked at him. The way her tears rolled down her cheeks when she looked into her eyes. He slowly felt his heart crack.

‘Why would he care?’ Yuri thought.
‘Why would he care that she cried. Unless he is really Simon?’
Before Yuri could think about how was that possible, something on the ground caught her eye. It was a card that was lying face down. Curiously, Yuri picked it up.
“The boy of your life is getting closer.” Yuri read the card out loud.
The girl smiled wanly. She didn’t believe in fortune telling, but she stuffed the card into her pocket and went off to her dormitory.

Emily Radley sat in music class with her beady eyes focused on Thomas. How she loved his icy glare and his silvery blonde hair. The time ticked by slowly as Emily spent thirty minutes staring at the side of Thomas’s face. She noticed him glancing towards Yuri several times and her eyes narrowed into a sneer.
‘He never even looked at me.’ Emily thought angrily, her glint filled with jealousy.
What’s so great about that Yuri girl anyway? Emily had always been known as the Princess of Beauty to all her schoolmates and her wealthy background was most admirable. Most boys wanted to have Emily as their girlfriend. And yet, Emily thought glumly, the only boy she loved never even showed the slightest interest towards her. But somehow, Emily Radley was going to get what she wanted, even if her father’s money couldn’t buy it.

Emily took out her most expensive quill and slid it into Yuri’s schoolbag carefully and slowly. The girl glanced around to make sure no one was watching before she burst into a fit of fake tears. All heads turned to her.

“Miss Radley, what’s wrong?” the teacher, Ms. Spinner asked.
“My quill! My most expensive and precious quill is gone! It was a gift from my grandma, before she died!” Emily sobbed, pretending to look devastated.
Everyone began to look around for her pen.
“Everyone turn your bags inside out.” The teacher ordered.
Everyone did so obediently. Emily saw with grim satisfaction that Yuri looked dumbstruck when the quill fell out of her backpack.
“Yuri Kowan, how dare you!” Emily cried, pointing a menacing finger at Yuri.
“You are a thief!”
Everyone threw loathing looks at Yuri and the teacher scolded her.
“Miss Kowan, you must understand that thievery is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated at this school. I will have to report this. Do you have anything to say?”
Yuri looked at Emily in disbelief but did not say anything. Emily sneered at her.
“No, this is unacceptable, Ms. Spinner. I will take the punishment.” Yuri said after a moment.

Thomas stared at Yuri in astonishment. He saw Emily frame Yuri.
‘Why hadn’t she denied it?’ He thought, bewildered.
Long after class was over, Thomas watched Yuri wash the blackboard and scrub the tables. He stood waiting until she was done, then stepped up to her.
“Want to go for a walk?” he asked quietly.
Yuri looked up in surprise.

Yuri and Thomas walked along the sandy beach in silence. They both stared at their feet and the sand and were careful to avoid each other’s eyes. Finally, Thomas broke the silence.

“Why didn’t you deny it and speak the truth? Look at your hands, they are blistering and red from all that work and yet, why did you not tell the truth to avoid such pain?” he asked, finally finding his voice.
It was his first time taking a walk with a girl and he never knew it would be so awkward. For a moment, Yuri didn’t reply, as if thinking of an answer.
“Emily Radley is not someone you would want to mess with. She is stubborn as a rock and wouldn’t give up until she gets her way. If I don't give up, she will think of more ways to accuse me.” Yuri replied earnestly.
“You know, she seems very attracted to you.” Yuri added as an afterthought, or perhaps to change the subject.
Thomas’s face darkened instantly.
“That’s none of your business.” He said shortly.
“I’ve known Emily for a long time and she is not quite my type.”
Yuri fell silent.
“It’s getting cold, let’s go back inside.”
Thomas suggested after another moment of silence. Yuri nodded and they started to walk back to the school.

That night Yuri dreamt of Simon again. She dreamt that he had come back to life and they were reunited. Her heart was filled with happiness. They were to be wedded. On the happiest day of Yuri’s life, just when it was the moment for Simon to give Yuri her ring, Emily came up and stabbed her in the back. She felt intense pain and saw Simon fading away - Yuri woke up screaming and sobbing. It was then that she realized she was still in her dormitory and that Simon was dead. It was close to midnight and to Yuri’s enormous relief, Emily had not yet returned. Her thoughts drifted to Simon and her heart sank.
‘Why did she have to think about him?’ She thought desperately.
All she wanted was Simon’s life back.

Just then the dormitory door opened and the figure of a boy came in. Yuri sat up with her eyes slightly unfocused. As her vision slowly cleared, she gasped. It was Simon.
“Yuri, are you alright?” Simon said.
“I heard you screaming.”
Yuri threw her arms around Simon’s neck.
“Simon, why did you have to leave me like that? You really… Really scare me when the police officer said you died in that crash!” Yuri murmured, hugging him close to her.
Her tears were mingled with sweat from her dream and she held him tightly.

Thomas was totally surprised. Yuri clung onto his neck and broke down completely. He didn’t know why he didn’t shove her off and snap at her to come back to reality, but he didn’t. He just let her hug him and weep.

“How could you leave me like that? Do you know how much I missed you? I thought about you every night, Simon. I love you so much.” Yuri wept and her voice was shattering.
Thomas didn’t speak.
“Simon, please don’t leave me again…” Yuri gasped.
Then, to Thomas’s astonishment, she pressed her soft lips on his and kissed him softly.
‘She is in so much pain and suffering.’ Thomas thought sadly.
She must’ve loved Simon with all of her heart. Tears slid rapidly down Yuri’s face from her half opened eyes. Just then, Yuri gasped in surprise and stopped kissing Thomas.
“I… I’m so sorry, Thomas.” She apologized hastily.
Thomas continued to stare at Yuri.
“It’s alright.” He said, beginning to blush.
“I’d better go now.” he said awkwardly.
Yuri blushed and nodded. She draped a robe around her shoulders and escorted Thomas downstairs.
“Could you tell me who Simon is?” Thomas asked.
Yuri looked at him and shook her head sadly.
“I’m afraid not, Thomas,” she said quietly.
“I’m sorry.”
Thomas’s smile faded.
“You know, it’s better if you stopped living in the shadow of that dead boy!” he said stiffly and his lips pursed in a thin line.
Yuri turned to Thomas in disbelief.
“How I live my life is my business, not yours!” she snapped.
“Use your brains, if you have any.” Thomas shot back.
“What good is it to live your life thinking Simon will be back, when he will never?”
The girl felt a fresh wave of tears flow down her face.
“And what would you know about love, Thomas Vacur?” she snapped coldly.
“I bet a block of ice like you have never loved anyone in your life! How would you know how I loved Simon?”
Thomas didn’t answer. Yuri stared furiously at him for a moment, and then stormed back to her dormitory. She slammed her door shut. Emily had not yet returned. Yuri was glad. She was getting sick of the girl’s taunting. Yuri stood fuming for a long time as hot tears sting her eyes bitterly.

Thomas stood still in the hallway downstairs. Yuri’s words hurt him more than he could have ever imagined. He never thought any words could affect him so deeply. But she was right. He didn’t know anything about love until he met Yuri, until today. And he never did love anyone in his life. He didn’t know how to love. His father had been in a gang. He had lost money so he began taking money from Mrs. Vacur’s side of the family. He killed Mrs. Vacur’s parents and was later assassinated by the gang leader. Mrs. Vacur sent Thomas under the protection of a friend before jumping into a lake and died. Thomas lived for twelve years being tortured and enslaved by the couple whom he thought were his parents. Then the couple lost everything to a robbery and sold him to Mrs. Vacur’s aunt, an elderly woman who was too old to care for him. On her deathbed, she revealed the truth Thomas had never known. The old lady gave Thomas her small fortune and he attended the orchestra. Aaron Spiel, upon hearing Thomas’s tragic life, took no money from him. He never did love. He did carry a little thankfulness for his mother’s aunt, who had told him the truth. He had spent his eighteen years of life in misery. Nobody could understand the pain and misery he went through. Now he lived with Aaron Spiel and Mr. Spiel’s son and for the past two years, he had lived like a human.

Emily watched silently behind the door. Her mouth formed an angry sneer of jealousy and she exhaled deeply. Her devious eyes were shining with malice towards Yuri.

It was the next day and Yuri was finished with classes. The day was stormy and grey with thunder rumbling in a distance. She was putting her books into her locker when she spotted Emily speeding toward her.
“Yuri, I don’t know who did it! Come!” Emily gasped, panting slightly.
Yuri turned curiously and went after Emily. Emily led Yuri to their dormitory. Yuri opened the door and gasped. Her drawers were flung open and all her photos with Simon were torn up and scattered over the floor. Tears stung her eyes as she bended down to pick the ripped pieces of her photos. Her heart hurt like crazy and she slid onto the floor. Slowly, she felt her breath got caught in her throat. She couldn’t breathe.

Emily sneered behind Yuri’s back and quickly dropped a quill down onto the floor. Then she gasped.
“Look!” Emily cried as she bended down to pick up the pen again as Yuri turned around.
“What is that?” she asked wearily.
“This pen, it’s… It’s…“ Emily stammered.
“Whose is it, Emily? Whose is it?” Yuri demanded, grabbing the pen.
“It’s Thomas’s!” Emily said slowly, studying Yuri’s face.
Yuri’s eyes widened in horror and anger and then she ran out of the room. Emily’s lips curled into a sneer.

Yuri burst through Thomas’s door to find him studying. His dorm mate Willis was sprawled over his fortune cards. They both looked up in alarm.
“Thomas Vacur!” Yuri shrieked, tears flooding down her cheeks.
“How dare you do that!”
“What are you talking about, Yuri?” Thomas asked, looking at her, puzzled.
“Don’t deny it! Yesterday we fought and today I find my room wrecked and Simon’s pictures torn up!” she screamed.
“I knew something like that would happen.” Willis said.
“Shut up Willis. Your room wrecked?” asked a concerned Thomas.
“But who…”
“And guess what I found?” Yuri went on.
“This!” she threw the quill down onto the floor.
Thomas stared at it.
“That is not mine!” he cried, enraged.
“Yuri, this is treacherous!”
The girl covered her ears.
“You know what’s treacherous? It is how I ever see anything good in a horrid person like you!” she snapped, before bolting out the door, leaving Thomas staring after her.

Yuri cried and cried that night. She didn’t return to her dormitory because she knew Emily would be smirking. Hence, Yuri spent the night walking around the area. She was not exactly angry, just heartbroken. She had trusted Thomas with her heart and also secretly loved him. Despite that, he did something beyond horrid, and now the shadow of Simon weighed down on her even more. How could she have been so gullible and naive?

Just then, Yuri felt the same pain strike her as it did when she found her wrecked photos. Her legs suddenly felt weak and they buckled beneath her. Her energy drained out of her slowly and she fell down.

A loud honk threw Yuri out of her pain. She suddenly realized she was kneeling in the middle of the street and a car was roaring down the road.
‘Maybe this is how Simon died’ she thought.
A loud honk and a blinding flash of light. Maybe that’s it. The car horn honked again but Yuri didn’t have the strength to move. White light blinded her and she knew nothing. Her fortune card fell out of her pocket and was crushed by the wheels of the car.

Thomas ran down the dark street searching frantically for Yuri. He had never felt so worried in his life. His platinum blonde hair flew behind him and he breathed heavily but didn’t stop. Far away, he heard a honk but a car was nowhere in sight. A horrible feeling struck his head and he began to run and shouting Yuri’s name at the same time. However, there was no response.

Far ahead on the road lit by the dim street lights, Thomas saw what seemed like a large obstacle in the middle of the street. He ran closer and saw it was Yuri. There was little blood but there was blood at the corner of her mouth. Thomas was horrified. He picked up her body and began to run again, ignoring the cramp on his side. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, even though he was carrying Yuri. He felt a prickling tear at the corner of his eye but it didn’t fall.

Ambulance sirens screeched as it sped down the road. Yuri was inside the ambulance on a stretcher and Thomas, Aaron Spiel and Emily Radley were beside her.

The three waited impatiently outside the emergency room. Thomas paced back and forth with a furrowed brow while Aaron Spiel peered anxiously at the door. Emily sat still as stone and looked deep in thoughts.
‘Yuri was now in the emergency room and it was all something that started out with her. If she hadn’t wrecked Simon’s photos out of her jealousy, Yuri wouldn’t have left and got hit by the car. Damn it.’ Emily thought.
‘She just had to get hit, didn’t she? But she probably knew about Emily anyway. Yuri just wanted Thomas to like her more, that’s why she got hit on purpose. And plus, who told her to stay outside in the middle of the night anyway.’ Emily thought.
‘Yes, that was it. Nothing on earth happens when it’s not supposed to. Life isn’t that on target.’ Emily got angrier as she thought about it.
‘That little witch! She won’t get Thomas! Not while Emily Radley is around.’

Three hours later, the doctor came out to meet them.
“Miss Kowan is in no danger,” the doctor replied. Thomas sighed with relief.
“There is no need to contact her mother. She just has a sprained ankle, a slightly twisted back and a few bruises. Yuri has been transferred to a regular ward. You may visit her.”

Dawn slowly arises and Thomas was nodding off towards the wall. Yuri was still unconscious and he had been with her ever since. Emily and Mr. Spiel had left later during the night. Yuri began to stir, causing Thomas to wake up with a start. Yuri’s eyes slowly fluttered open. She blinked and saw Thomas peering at her with concern written across every syllable of his handsome face.

“Oh, hi.” Yuri said stiffly, sitting up.
Thomas helped her awkwardly.
“What are you doing here?”
“I want to talk, Yuri.” Thomas said earnestly.

They walked along the pretty hedges of the hospital garden.
“So…” They said in unison.
“You first.” Yuri said.
“No, you’re a girl.” Thomas replied politely.
“Have you been with me the whole time?” Yuri asked.
Thomas nodded and she sighed.
“You didn’t have to.”
“Still think I wrecked your photos?” Thomas asked quietly.
The girl didn’t reply for a long time.
“I guess not. I was so stunned the moment Emily told me it was your quill. And it hurt so much. I guess I blew up at you.” She said.
“It’s still true; you can’t live in a shadow forever.” The boy began cautiously.
“And what would you know?” Yuri said coldly.
“I don’t, but it doesn’t seem right.” Thomas said defiantly.
“And why do you even care?” Yuri snapped, flaring up.
“Because I care about you!” Thomas blurted out, stunned at his own daringness.
Before he knew what he was doing, he threw his arms around Yuri.
“I… I love you.”

Yuri stood still in Thomas’s embrace, stunned. Thomas loves her? Of all the girls who liked him, he loved her? He was just like Simon. So sincere. So serious. Tears stung her eyes. Not tears of anger or sadness, but somehow tears of surprise and joy. Her arms lingered uncertainly around his waist. She thought she would never love again, but now, she realized she was in love with Thomas. And she only just realizes that now. Yuri tightened her arms around Thomas and so did he, more confidently this time. They hugged for a long time, each admiring the other’s daringness. They were both stung by happiness and relieved that they have confessed their feelings for each other.

Finally they broke apart. Yuri confessed she was tired and her twisted back was beginning to hurt and so they returned to the ward. Thomas sat by Yuri with her in his arms.

“Thomas, do you know which my favourite poem is?” Yuri whispered, her voice tired but happy.
“Tell me.” Thomas said soothingly.
“My mother read it to me when I was little. My father had died, so she chanted this poem often. It’s called” Love.”

“Love is a legend, love is a story.
Love is a feeling, an experience, and a memory.
It’s something I can’t see,
It’s something just for two.
Yet I feel so special,
When I’m with you.
Through storm and fire,
I feel the strong desire.
Down cliffs and rivers,
So we can be together,
Up mountains and hills,
Just me and you forever.”

Yuri stopped and leaned on Thomas’s shoulder.
“That’s lovely.” Thomas said.
“I feel the same way towards you.” He smiled.
Minutes passed and Yuri slowly fell asleep. Thomas laid her down and gently kissed her on the forehead. He then left.


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