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Life is full of opportunities. This story tells us to grasp the best opportunities as they come by as opportunities wait for no one.

Love Explained

Love confounds even the wisest men. In spite of that, we got a short article here explaining about how it works! Upon reading it, you'll realise that love is actually very simple and it is the wise men that made it complicated.

Love And Marriage

Plato was one of the wisest men ever. However, as mentioned above, love often confuses even the wisest men. In this story, Plato seeks to understand love and marriage in life.

My Sunshine

Who is the "Sunshine" of your life? For a young boy, the "Sunshine" to his life was his baby sister. Find out how he manage to keep his "Sunshine" with him when his baby sister became mortally endangered.

Untiring Love

If you think It is extremely difficult to maintain untiring love to the person you love, you should think again after reading through this story.


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