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Love Breaks Hearts

Love often break hearts. However, sometimes the pain can be self-inflicted due to petty quarrels and arguements. Learn how to prevent this pain from this tragic story on how a couple hurt each other only to realise they are meant for each other but are never able to be together again.

Still Waiting

A sad true story about how a woman is still waiting for her one true love even though it has passed her by.

The Special One

This article is for every guy out there who has a special one deep inside her but is too afraid to tell her. Please read this story even though a brutal, no-nonsense and shocking truth awaits you.

Count Your Marbles

A meaningful story about how we should all start collecting marbles. If you think that the statement before makes no sense whatsoever, all the more you should read this story.

Love On Christmas

Christmas is a day where we should spread our love for those who need it the most. Although everybody knows about this, few people actually practice what they preach. Let this touching christmas love story about a little boy help spread the message.


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