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If It's Meant To Be Part 1

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I'm Elly, i was very close to my cousin Enelra. Enelra has ex-boyfriend named Lance. Lance couldn't forget my cousin Enelra because he love him so much. And my cousin keep on talking about him, and she's getting irritated by him. Until one time she asks me if i could help her.

Enelra: hey, cousin! Can you help me?
Elly: on what?
Enelra: Remember Lance? my ex-boyfriend,he's still bothering me, and i need help of getting him out of my life!!
Elly: i dont get it.
Enelra: ok, what i mean is i will give his phone number to you and all you have to do is make friends with him and help him to move on.
Elly: but-
Enelra: yah i know, its none of your business but please couz, help me,your the only one who knows our love story before and i know that its my fault, i cheated on him, i played at him. and i fooled him. i just dont expect that he will love me that much!! but anyway.. past is past.. so please!! help me!!
Elly; you know i cant help you on that! i dont want him to know couz, you're so lucky with him!!
Enelra: look, the point here is,, I D-O-N-T L-O-VE H-I-M..AND we're not going to hurt him.were trying to help him,i mean you will try to help him by helping him to move on with me.. oh! come on couz! i know that you are a good person..please...ok
Elly: yah i get it, but i will think about it?
Enelra: oh come on please..(with hugging effects and beautiful eyes)
Elly: nah,, ok ok, you win

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and i get his number and started to text him..then months later we became friends and later on became bestfriends!! i'm so happy texting with him, i never get a chance to meet him in person.. when we are texting each other he's sharing his experience with my cousin, that he love her so much, i didnt tell him that his ex-girlfriend is my cousin,, i pretend that i dont know Enelra.. until the day comes that he already forget about my cousin, i'm so happy that he is now happy with his life,, i became so important to him and vice versa.. then one time he ask to meet me, i reject him,, cause i want meet him on right time, when there is no lies between us. which i know that, it's only me who lied..

one morning i text him..
Elly: mornin, bestfrien
then he reply at me
Lance: mornin 2 u bestfriend
Elly: i have something to tell you, a serious one
Lance: "ok,what is it?
Elly: remember our vows, that i will be your bestfriend till the end and that no more secrets?
Lance: yup>.
Elly: i have something to tell you that i never told you before. and this is serious..
Lance: ok, sounds super serious..
Elly: ok, i will start, remember Enelra..your ex-gilfriend?
Lance: yah, of course
Elly: God, its so hard for me but i will tell you the truth... SHE IS MY COUSIN ..
Lance: what??!!!
Elly; lance i know that you dont want anymore lies.. but the truth is she is my cousin and she asked me to help her and you, she wants me to help you move on by being by your side. and i disagree at first but i realize that i will also help you i agree, sorry bout it, the reason why i'm tellin you all of these now, not only because you already forget her but also because you are important to me now. sorry!! im really sorry!1 hope you will understand me!!
Lance: are you serious?!! You lied to me all along and now you’re asking me to understand you. You know what? YOU’RE LIKE YOUR COUSIN.. BOTH LIARS!!
Elly: (started to cry) I’m not like her. What I do is for both of you. I’m sorry!! But I want you to know that whatever I say to you before is real, all the feelings, for me being your bestfriend, and the caring and concern that I show to you is real. The only lies there is that I pretend to be somebody else. I’m so sorry bestfriend.
Lance; don’t call me Bestfriend!! Because I don’t have bestfriend from now on. I will forget you. Thanks huh! For hurting me AGAIN..

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Then I didn’t receive any reply on him from that day. I can’t contact him. Until I lose hope and started a new life. Without my best friend. I didn’t have the chance to meet him in person.

Years had passed. I already a college student and I’m studying on DC college near to the place of Lance. But I don’t know his face so i don’t know who he was. Until one time,when I was on my Enelra’s house. She talk about Lance. That she got his new number. My cousin ask me if I want to get his number. Of course I say yes. Then after that my cousin ask me to go to mall with her. When we’re on the street waiting for a cab, my cousin was so shocked, I ask her why.. she said that he saw Lance.

Elly: who? Lance? Where?
Enelra: that one with the red car.

then I look at the car, I saw a man, a handsome man there. And it was Lance. He was going straight to us. And he asked where are we going cause he’s giving us a ride. My cousin agree to him. And start the conversation


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