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If It's Meant To Be Part 2

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Lance: how are you Enelra this passed years?
Enelra: I’m fine, you? You look so good.

While they are talking to each other, I am so nervous, I can’t breath. This was the first time that I saw him. All memories flash back on my mind. And I’m so frustrated,, and then all the emotions that I felt on the time that I confess to him flows back to me again.

Until Lance ask Enelra again
Lance: who is she? (talking about me)
Enelra: oh yeah I forgot about it. She is Elly, your bestfriend.. right Elly?
Elly: (so nervous and don’t know what to say, afraid of what will Lance say) ..ah
Lance: (quiet for a while) so you’re Elly. My long time bestfriend?

I don’t know how to talk to him, he sounds bitter and lots of emotions. When I saw his eyes I saw pain, happiness, excitement.. so many emotions. Because I feel so much pressure. I think I will cry that time.. Then we reached the mall and I am so relieved that time. I saw Lance take a glance at me before closing the door of his car. Then my cousin say her thanks to him. I’m not on the mood since then so I just went home.

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When I was on my house. I receive a text from him. I’m so nervous again

Lance: how are you?
Elly: how do you get my number>?
Lance: why? Is it wrong to get your number from your cousin?
Elly: no, I just wonder.. im fine!! You?
Lance: im doing good; your cousin told me that you are studying on DC college. And that’s near our house.
Elly: ah.. yeah
Lance: you looks so tense and nervous a while ago.
Elly: (so shy that lance notice that she is nervous) No! im not!
Lance: really? I thought you are.. so tense and nervous, you cant even look at my face.. maybe because of me.
Elly: of course not!!
Lance; then if you’re not. I will fetch you tomorrow after your class. 6pm on Dc ok!
Elly: hah?!!! No, you cant. Ahh. Im busy, I have things to finish, and im going to somewhere!
Lance: looks like you are nervous again. Don’t worry sweetheart I can wait.

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While Elly is typing his message for him, she received a call from him. She answer it.
Elly: Look lance, you can’t fetch me tomorrow ok..
Lance: why> is there someone that going to fetch you.
Elly: no, that’s not what I mean. I’m busy, ah so many things to do and and..
Lance: now I know your so tense,, relax its just me, your bestfriend.. a year ago. Aren’t you happy to see me again?
Elly: (seriously)I know that you know what happened between us a year ago before you disappeared that time?
Lance: (seriously) we will talk about that tomorrow. But for now I want you to know that I will fetch you tomorrow whether you like or not.Ok bye sweetheart!!
Elly: wait- (but the call ended) God, what.. oh my god !! I don’t want to talk to him.

The next day!!
Elly received a call from Lance. Its already 5:30pm and I’m afraid that he will come and just show his self. Then her phone is ringing, someone is calling. And it is Lance.

Elly: hello?
Lance: yup, hi, I’m already here. Here at your front gate.
Elly: what!!!! Are you really serious? Why all of a sudden you want to fetch me and meet with me.
Lance: relax relax. We just need to talk some things and some stuff about before.
Elly: but I told you I’m not free—
Lance ended the call.
Elly: geez!! He ended the call AGAIN.

Then 6pm comes and I don’t know what to do. But what else would I do? I’m not that bad to not face him. And after all we are still friends even not bestfriends anymore. So I decided to meet him on the front gate of school.

Elly: hi
Lance: hi! Ready?
Elly: why where are we going?
Lance: I will send you home, but before that I want to talk to you.
Elly: (realize that this is the right time to say sorry in person) Lance.. ah.. I’m sorry. Bout the things happened a year ago. I know that its unforgivable. So I understand if you’re still mad at me. But I didn’t mean to hurt you. (with sad face)
Lance: Elly, I forget about that. After that confrontation I realized that what you do is not bad at all. And actually you really help me a lot.
Elly: you’re not mad at me? You’re not going to say bad words or what.
Lance: no, why would I? and why you are thinking that I would do that. Is that the reason why you are so unease with me?
Elly: ah.. sort of?
Lance: oh come on Elly, I’m not going to do that. And I’m not mad.
Elly: if you’re not then why didn’t you call me or text me after that. You just disappear, leaving me miserable.
Lance: I’m not, you I lost my phone and I don’t know where to find you, I don’t know your address, and even your face. Until last month my sister find the number of your cousin and I keep in touch with her. But I don’t have the guts to get your number to her. Maybe because I want to meet you first and clear everything.
Elly: So, you are not really mad? (smiling) I’m so glad. Thank you!! You know what I really miss you. God knows how much I wanted to find you. I really my bestfriend!
Lance: and I miss my bestfriend too. So can I send you home?
Elly: ahm;;(thinking)
Lance: oh come on, Elly please. I don’t want to waste any more chance to get to know you.
Elly: ahm ok!!(laughing)


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