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If It's Meant To Be Part 3

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And we became best friends again. Back to where we started. He always calling me. Fetching me and I feel that my long lost best friend return to me. And I’m satisfied. Then one time we meet on the park.

Lance: hello best friend!! You’re late so you owe me one.
Elly: I’m just late by 5 minutes.
Lance: I don’t care how many minutes you’re late, the thing is you owe me something.
Elly: ok ok you win.

We eat to a restaurant near the park. And I start to ask some question about it.
Elly: ah Bestfriend. You mind if I ask? Ahm do you have girlfriend or do you courting a girl?
Lance: I don’t have gf. Why do you ask? How about you?
Elly: I don’t have bf. Oh were not talking about me. The topic here is you. Do you courting a girl?
Lance: nope!
Elly: why? You’re handsome then why you don’t have any gf.
Lance: how about you, you are beautiful why you don’t have bf.
Elly: (frown) answer me first, and were talking about you.
Lance; ok ok. i didn’t courting anyone, but I have a girl I like. And may be I love her.
Elly: really? Why you are not telling it to me.?hmp!!
Lance: I’m going to tell it to you but not now. I’m not ready.
Elly: why? Ok I understand but can you tell me atleast the name? do I know her?
Lance: no I cant tell her name. I’m afraid.
Elly: afraid?! Why? Its just a name. come on tell me. Please..
Lance: no sorry I cant. Not now. But I will tell it to you when I’m ready.
Elly: why. Its just a name, but ok if that’s what you want, ok tell me why you like, or why you love that girl?
Lance: because she is beautiful, and the most special thing. She is so understanding, kind, and she has a warmth heart. I know that every words that comes out of her mouth shows love and concern. And even before she always stay the same.
Elly: before? Does it mean that you knew that girl long ago? She sounds a great woman. I want to meet her.
Lance: yeah I know her long time ago. And she knows me too.
Elly: I’m excited to meet her. Then when will you tell who is she.
Lance: when I’m sure that I have a chance with her.
Elly: why not? You’re handsome, kind and warmth heart. Every girl will fall for you.
Lance: really? Every girl will fall to me? (staring to elly closely) even you?
Elly: (start to feel intimate to the situation) ah.. ahm.. o-of course.. e-even me., ah let’s go.
Lance: (smiling) ok let’s go..

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And we have a very enjoying night together. I don’t know why I feel so much intense that time. And I am confused. I don’t know why and what I’m feelin’ the moment that he told me that he like someone, I feel a little pain, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just I’m afraid that I will lose my bestfriend when that girls come to his life but aside from that I’m happy that he is loving again a girl without hesitation.

After school Lance fetch me again. He told me that he is going to tell me who the girl was. And I’m so excited and sad at the same time. But I decided not to think to much about it so I go with him. We go to his house. And then when we reached his house. He talk to me seriously.

Elly: I don’t get it Lance. Where is the girl you’re telling to me? I don’t see anyone here aside from you and your parents.
Lance: Look, remember that I told you that I cant tell you who is she cause I’m afraid. The reason why I’m afraid is because I’m afraid of being rejected and that it will hurt and affect me again so much. But later on I realized that if I love this girl so much I should be brave on the consequence.
Elly: o-kay..
Lance: I know that you’re wondering why I’m telling it to you. Cause that girl is…
Elly: that girl is..
Lance: Y-O-U
Elly: (shocked) what?!! Are you serious!! I-i-mean .. how come?
Lance: wait elly, please don’t think that I’m just playing around. I’m serious. I know that it’s not good thing to love you coz you’re my ex-girlfriend’s cousin. But this is what I feel. I’m afraid that your cousins will think that I will going to hurt you. I know that it was so sudden and I know that I surprised you but I started to feel something for you since then. Please don’t stay away from me or avoid me. It’s ok if you get mad or what. It’s ok even you don’t answer now. The most important thing is I already told you about my feelings.
Elly: Why me? I-i- don’t know what to say.
Lance: elly sorry if I surprised you that much. I think you need time and space to think. I’ll send you home now.

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I didn’t say any words until she reached her house. When she is about to sleep she receive a text from Lance.
“I know i surprised you but please don’t avoid me. Ok. take care sweetheart. Luv u”

I don’t know what to say so I decided not to reply on him. That night I cant sleep. I’m thinking about the situation. He is right that its not good to see because my cousin is his ex-girlfriend. But aside from that I feel so much joy that he loves me and the girl he is talking about is me. The hard thing is the situation. I don’t know how to handle things now. It’s getting complicated.


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