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Real Love Stories


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True Love

A true life story on how a man met his true love and never stopped loving ever since then.

My Life

Sad love story about a girl who gave up everything in her life to be with the guy she loves only to be returned with betrayal and hatred. Contains the most important lesson to any girl in this world - Don't let your vision be blured by love.


Cute article on how we can find the soulmate in our life through a clever metaphor.

All The Good Things

Do you know what are the good things people are saying about you? Perhaps you'll be hard-pressed to think of any yourself. However, you will definitely be pleased with all the good things people have to say about you. This story goes on to show that we should always try to spread our love by saying only the good things to help make the world a better place.

Anger Management

Need a lesson on anger management? Read this story on how to control you temper and win friends in the process.

The Forbidden Date

A tragic tale on how a forbidden date turns into a disaster as a girl ends up hurting everyone closest to her.


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