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Beautiful Love

A true story from a guy who pursues the girl of his dreams for a happily ever after ending.

You Are That Guy

For every girl, there is a guy out there who is "the guy". Read about "the guy" as depicted by the girl in this adorable story.

A Gift Of Love

The gift of love from those closest to us is often the best gift he/she can give us. FInd out about this particular "gift" in this sweet romance story.

My Happy Ending

Another true story about how love goes around in a full circle as a woman goes through heartbreaks only to go back to the one who love her the most right from the start.

Sweet Chocolate

Sweet story about how chocolate helps to bring a young girl out from her sorrows and right into the start of a budding love.

The Best Gift

Ever heard of the saying, "The best gift parents can ever give to their children is to love each other." ? This story is highly recommended for parents as it underlines the importance of how their love can have a deep and lasting impact on their children.

Carry Me In Your Arms

When you divorce me, carry me in your arms. This was the request by a wife as a parting gift for their marrigae. However, this request helped a husband understand more about love and eventually saved their marriage. Wonderful story on how we should appreciate love which we so often take for granted.


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