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Romance Short Story
Beautiful Love Part 2

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>>>>>>>>> Fastforward >>>>>>>>>

I'm 26years old now.....single.

She graduated from Australia and came back to work ......... single.

However being friends for so long....we just chillled out as normal. But this time, things were different. We sparked & finally became an item.


>>>>>>>>> Fastforward >>>>>>>>>

1yr of couplehood passed. It was fabulous. Thinking back we had never really quarrelled or cold war before. The mutual understanding, faith, trust, communication was so real and i could feel the unity.

I proposed to her, on 070707.

I was 27 years old.

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>>>>>>>>> Fastforward >>>>>>>>>

1yr later we had our ROM and customary dinner together, in a simple, but beautiful wedding reception at the gardens of Beaufort Resort, with a live string band playing at the back. That year was very exciting for us. We actually joined Mediacorp's "A Wedding Affair" competition where 8 couples competed for the top prize of $20,000. Although we did not win the top prize, we won more things. We won great friends and more importantly, a deeper understanding of each other and seeing how we complemented each other's short fall, we knew we were ready for the road ahead..

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Seeing our new nest being renovated, shopping for furnishing and home stuff was so far with time spent in homesections of CK Tangs, Taka, etc.... a section i never like going, till now.

I was 28 years old then.


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