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Beautiful Love Part 3

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>>>>>>>>> Fastforward >>>>>>>>>

Another year has passed. We've accomplished so much. During this year, we went to Japan, Thailand and of most recent, USA. Our house was also featured in Straits Time and we've proudly framed it on our walls.

Through this year, she has been such a doting & caring wife. Being successful in the household and recently being promoted to manager of her department, i'm so proud and happy for her.

As we chatted at times, we never imagined that we would have gotten marired today. We always talk about how we had feelings for each other then but never really got together due to so many challenges and obstacles. But then again, things happened for a reasons and it was probably a good thing we did'nt end up together then, because we would have changed and grown so much that we probably would'nt be together today.

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Who said internets are just for flings and not for serious stuff. Whoever said that time waits for no men. Somethings it probably boils down to simply just, Fate. I'm happy for that. She's really my friend, my buddy, my soulmate.

Yesterday was spent intimately with lots of celebrations.

Yesterday I planned alot of suprises for her, with friends and family surpising her.

Yesterday we celebrated 2 joyous occasions.

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Yesterday she shedded tears of joy.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday and also, our 1 year wedding anniversary.

I love you dear, always had, always will . . . . .


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