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Romantic Stories


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Beautiful story about how a husband connects with his wife even after he has passed away. Goes on to show that love transcends everything, even death.

The Salty Coffee

One of the most romantic story found online about why a man actually enjoys drinking salty coffee.

Reason For Love

What's your reason for loving your other half? Check out this story If you are unable to find a proper reason as your reason could very well be same as the guy in the story.

Ladder Of Love

Touching true love story about how a man made a ladder of love for his wife. Alas, as all good things go, his story has come to an end. However, his ladder of love will live on forever for future generations to marvel.


Lovely true story on how even a swallow is capable of showing love and concern for its mate. Story came out in the news online and touched millions worldwide.

Red Lipstick Kisses And A Black Eye

Cute real story submitted by a writer about how love made red lipsticks and a black eye go together.


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