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Sad Love Stories


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This story is about why it's better to tell someone how much you love them rather than to not tell them and lose them without telling them to prevent a life of regrets.

Love's Song

Beautiful piece of work on how a pair of step siblings fall in love slowly only to be torn apart by death. A wicked tearjerker that is reasonably lengthy but recommended for reading.

Letting Her Go

Sad story on why we should never let go of the the person we love as it can lead to a life of eternal regret and sorrow.

Life Together

Are you married or thinking of getting married? Check out this story about how It takes patience and love to build a life together for married couples.

Story About Love

This story about love imparts a lesson on why we should all take some time out and sit down and think about what have we all been doing to learn to appreciate what we have better.

The Hardest Thing

Another sad story on why you should admit your love even if it might be the hardest thing you ever had to say to lead a life of no regrets.


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