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Short Love Stories For Teenagers
Undestined Love Part 2

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After that day he started to stay back after school for additional help, claiming he needs more help for his schoolwork. He would be the last to leave and we would often leave together to the parking lot. We talked about many things and often joke around. After that day, his friends who are the same guys in his class did not joke around with me as much.

Some time passed and one day I got a phone call from the office. They told me there is something for me and asked if I would send a student or two to pick it up. I said yes and picked a girl and a boy. The girl came back minutes later smiling and told me to close my eyes. I protested for a while before relenting. I heard a "Bring it in!" and "Open your eyes!" and also "Wow... Ohh...". When I opened my eyes there was a huge bouquet of red roses. At that time, I felt that there were probably about 50 roses. However, I found out later that there were only 26 roses as for it was my 26th brithday. There was an envelope on top of it and when I opened it, I recognized Landon's handwriting right away. I blushed and when I looked at him, he was smiling and he winked at me.

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He stayed back after class and wished me, "Happy Birthday Miss S".
I blushed again and said, "Why did you do it?"
"Because it's your birthday."
He started to walk to the door and I asked, "Why to school?"
He turned around and I saw a smirk on his face and he said, "I wanted to assure the rest of the guys that you already have someone in your life." Following that, he left the room.

Time passed and he would come to me after classes and we would talk. I knew it was wrong but I could not stop myself. When I told him to stop coming because he did not need any additional help,
he said, "But i need you."
Somehow he manage to get hold of my cellphone number and started texting me. He would text me in class when there were other students. Once, I burst into laugher when he texted me something funny. It caused the students to look at me bemused.

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Soon, he asked me on a date and I said yes. We went out of town for ice skating and that was the first he kissed me. However, all the fun did not last long.


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