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Short Love Stories


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Love And Madness

Ever wondered why love is blind and is accompanied by madness? Read this folklore to find out why.

Dad's Eyes

Find out how a son's love for his dad give him the strength to challenge the impossible.

Undestined Love

Sometimes, love is just not meant to be. Usually, it is because destiny has played a cruel trick on a couple. Get ready the tissues as undestined love is a true story about how a student teacher relationship gone wrong.

White Lies

Have you ever told a white lie to the person you love? If yes, please go on to read more about this story as this story is about how white lies can cause a life of anguish for those who are lied to.

Mum's Eyes

A role reversal in comparison to Dad's Eyes as this sad story is about a mother's love for her child which was taken for granted.

The Ring

How far would you go to protect the ring which represents the love between you and your mate? This tragic story is about how a girl would go all the way for the ring and love of her life.

Til Death Do Us Not Part

A true heartwarming story about how a woman is able to abide by the values of marriage even when her husband is no longer around.


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