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Couple Stories


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The Blind Girl

Sad story about how a blind girl recovered her eyesight but lost her love.

Love From Philippines

A love story that cross geographical and racial boundaries which goes on to show that there are no boundaries in love.

The Fear Of Love

This story teaches us to face love bravely and not fear it to prevent from from slipping away from us forever.

If It's Meant To Be

Do you believe in fate? Sometimes love goes around in circle so we can learn to appreciate it better. Therefore, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.


Do you often speed while driving? The message behind this story is that we should treasure our lives and try not to speed even when in a rush as life is precious and we should handle with care.

The Wedding Ring

Do you know the meaning of wearing rings on different fingers? Check out this cute article if you are eager to find out.


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