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Serendipity - noun; an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
Have you ever encountered serendipity in your life? In this true story of love, the author encountered an amazing girl and was willing to go through all lengths to go after her. Although we do not know if it is successful, we wish the author good luck. A story for those who believes in the true love for you out there.

Miracle By Chance

Another true story about how the author to this story miraculously returned to the true love of her life by chance after kissing some frogs in her life.

Information Please

Ever wished there was a number whom you can dial for any kind of information you needed? The boy in the story found this number to call and set up a heartwarming relationship with the receiver in the process.

Pure Blood

No. This story is NOT about pure blood wizards or half blooded mudbloods. Rather, it imparts a story on the selfishness of man and how we only care about ourselves.

Day I Noticed

Cute story on how a young girl stumbles into a new relationship.


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