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Story Of Love
Serendipity Part 1

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This is my story…

A year ago something that crossed my path changed me and my life completely. From a certain point of view it made me believe that some things are just destined. And that there’s no way you could have avoided ‘this collision’. To fully understand what I’m going to say, we have to go back 22 years in time. In 1986-1986 my cousin and me were a huge fan of a certain ‘youth series’ on Flemish television. We watched every episode and kept watching the last episode of part 2 over and over again. There was a time we couldn’t even think about anything else. We wanted to be exactly like our ‘youth heroes’. Our parents even got us the book, and a signed picture… My mom once recorded an episode on an audio tape which I’ve listened to over and over again. But that’s not really the point. Was it just a coincidence that I became a fan of this program?

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Well, I don’t think so. A couple of years ago I went searching the net for all the episodes. I couldn’t find any information or just little information concerning the series. There were no videos on youtube… really nothing. Now in the year 2007, Mothersday, we had a family meeting. I was there so was my cousin. We were sitting at the table discussing about the series and how great it would be, if we could just lay our hand on all the episodes and start watching them all over again. This was actually ‘the beginning’ of my search, which actually started some 22 years earlier when the series had come to an end. Now suppose I was unable to make the family meeting on ‘Mothersday’. Or my cousin wasn’t there? Or she was there but didn’t start the discussion? Well my search after the episodes wouldn’t even have begun!

I started writing/emailing the actors, director, creative staff… even certain departments of the government because the series had an educational role to fulfill. The main purpose of the series was to let children drink more milk. It would make you stronger… I kept searching without any success I might add. Some time later I received a mailadress from one of the lead actors. I wrote him, and the day after he replied that he had every episode on VHS. So my search was finished.

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After a couple of months I succeeded in finding them. That same day I told my cousin that in a couple of weeks we could start watching our favourite youth program again. At least that’s what I thought. I’ve never heard anything about him after that day. So my search wasn’t ended after all. I immediately came up with the idea to start making a weblog, with details of my search. Maybe that could lead me to all the episodes. Just a month after the creation of the weblog, I contacted an actor which I hadn’t written yet. He clamed to have several episodes, just not all of them. But at least I was getting somewhere. So I copied his VHS to dvd and went searching for the remaining episodes. Months went by… and on January 30th 2008 something amazing happened.


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