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Sad Story Of Love
Serendipity Part 2

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Now suppose I never watched the show, I didn’t show up on our family meeting, my search for all the episodes would never have even begun, I’d never have started the weblog… and January 30th would have been just like an ordinary day. Now before I continue there’s something else I need to tell. Back in 2004 I met this girl, I was crazy about her and after a few months we started dating. A year after we moved to our first apartment, it was like nothing could ever be any better. After two years we decided to buy our first house. Now prices on the market were rising very rapidly. A house was too expensive… so we decided to build our own apartment. Which we did, but up to now it hasn’t been finished yet. I always thought that she was the one, that she was the person I’d grown old with. But then something happened, it came out of nowhere… and it changed me for the rest of my life.

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On January 30th 2008 I get this email from a girl who lives on the other side of our country, telling she has all the episodes and that she will make a copy for me. Now this was a great moment! And for some reason we kept writing without even knowing it. It just happened. And we both got the feeling after a few months that we were just perfect for each other. The problem was that I had a girlfriend and that she had some feelings for a local friend. Timing couldn’t have been worse! Now why in heavens name did I meet this amazing girl just when a part of my future had already been written. I had a girlfriend, we bought ourselves a home, everything seemed perfect… and then I meet the girl of my dreams? Things were getting very complicated. There was no way I could tell this girl I had a relationship, and there was no way I could tell my girlfriend I met the girl of dreams. I couldn’t think of anyone else but her. I was always looking forward to her emails… and we started to share some feelings.

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Now one day she wrote me a mail entitled You’ve got mail. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This has always been one my favourite movies. So I asked her if it were just a coincidence that she’d chosen this title. No she said. From that day we were sharing beautiful quotes from different kinds of movies. We both like quotes. We both like movies, soundtracks, star wars, we’re both in love with the US and especially New York… And on top of that however we’re both Flemish-speaking sometimes we wrote entire lines in English… some things just sound so much better in English than in our very own language. Before I met her I’d never met a girl or a person who could understand what I was talking about. Even our favorite place at the North Sea was exactly the same. She was me, just the female-version.


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