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Short Story Of Love
Serendipity Part 3

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That wasn’t all. One morning I woke up, turned on the radio and couldn’t believe my ears. There was this commercial for a new car which started with dear (her name)… A few weeks after I had an appointment with my banker. Before that moment he never mentioned his children. Now he was talking about his daughter (with the same name as the girl I met) who on top of that had my cousin’s boyfriend as her teacher… He was talking about a rehearsal or something because they were doing their interpretation of High School Musical. Believe it or not but we’re both very crazy about High School Musical. There’s something I forgot to mention but accidental or not, I once had a girlfriend who lived in the exact same village as the girl I met through the internet. Now suppose we never met through the internet, but passed each other on the street, I’m sure I would never have even talked to her… maybe we would never have even seen each other… Every time she went out with her sister they were talking about me, every I time I went out with my brother I was talking about her.

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Weeks went by, feelings were still the same. And we were talking about meeting each other. We had this crazy idea of how perfect everything could be… we fantasized a lot about meeting… and maybe it could never have been as perfect as in our dreams. We dreamed of a movie scenario, completely normal I guess ‘cause we just love the movies.At the certain moment I freaked out. And confessed that I had a girlfriend all this time.

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Maybe it was stupid, maybe not. She was very mad at me, which I completely understood and accepted. But I immediately added that every word I’d ever written was a word from the heart. And she said goodbye. It was finished… maybe this was a good thing, ‘cause from that moment I could just continue my life from where I left it the last time. Weeks went by, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I was still crazy about her, but at the same time I realized she was never coming back. But I kept bumping on things that automatically linked me to her. There was no way I could ever forget her.


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