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Serendipity Part 5

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Since a month, in fact from the moment she said goodbye… I keep bumping into her name almost everywhere by ‘accident’. Not that I’m searching after it. It just seems crazy, and maybe I’m imagining a lot of things, are these little signs? Or am I just turning crazy? I’ve taken screenshots from the internet the moments I bumped into her name accidentally. I kept a copy of the magazines where I bumped into her name accidentally… In the evenings I often listen to music on my ipod… just when I turned the thing of, I heard her name on the tv. Strange, but real! Maybe you think I’m crazy but everything I said here, is 100% for real!!! Since last week there’s a re-run of a program I watch. Now one of the actresses has the same name as this girl! Guess what? One of the main actors is replaced by someone new. What’s his real name you think? Exactly mine! Strange huh? A couple of weeks earlier I was having dinner with the whole family. Without any logical explanation my girlfriend who was sitting right next to me was telling about a new acquaintance of her brother… guess what? She mentioned the girl’s name without knowing she even exists and she gave almost an exact description of her looks. Afterwards her brother said, that wasn’t even her name. Just a coincidence? I don’t know if I’m able to believe that. My girlfriend doesn’t know anything about the girl I’m talking about so it’s impossible for her to even know her name.

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I never gave up hope, although somewhere I know she will not be returning. But I’m not intending to give up. There’s something I need to do first, and if I fail… I guess I need to accept the fact, that it was never meant to be. I believe, that if I don’t give it one more try, I don’t truly deserve her. Now this is what I want to do.

I want to surprise her. I’ve started to make a book with all our mails, pictures we’ve send, amazing quotes we posted… I’m still writing her, I just don’t send them… so this letters will also be published in the book. I’ll make a cd with all the music I used in my selfmade movies, and used on the website I dedicated to her, and give her a copy on dvd of all the selfmade movies I’ve made for her. That’s not all. I’ll arrange a weekend in a hotel near the village where she lives, ‘cause I need a place to stay of course.Get her a bouquet of flowers in the shop where I ordered them before… attach a card where I invite her for a candle light diner in an Italian restaurant, ‘cause just like me she likes Italian. And bring this to the company where she works. Get her picked up with a limo between 7 and 7.30pm… and from the moment she gets in , the song ‘someone like you’ starts playing. Is this over the top? Or should I just take my (last) chance?

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But of course before I’ll do all this, I have to quit my girlfriend, which I’m about to do. I think I have to be honest for once and for all, with me and especially with her. I’m unable to give her the happiness the love she deserves, ‘cause I’m not the one, and she’s not the one for me. I believe my destiny is somewhere else. Where? I intend to find out.


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