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Tagalog Love Story
Love From Philippines Part 1

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This I hope will mean something to someone, or anyone, it certainly means a everything to me.

Well, who believes in miracles? My marriage had hit the rocks about 18 months previously so I wasn't too interested in "relationships".

It was 2005, Through mutual friends I met a Lady from the Philippines. We only chatted for around 30 minutes, but in that time I learnt she was was staying with her sister, near were I lived, and was due to return home in the autumn.

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Time passed and we became friends and met up a few times and both found we enjoyed each others company. I even introduced her to my parents! Just the usual "boy meets girl stuff", nothing more................

It came as a shock when we found that her flight home was brought forward, which meant suddenly, our time was cut short. The following week I escorted her to Norwich airport.

As we approached the door the thought of not being able to see each other became hard to take. I went with her to the KLM desk and stepped back whist she checked in. I then went to find somewhere we could talk, until her flight was called. I began to realize how much i was going to miss her.. standing. A few minutes passed. I turned round and there she was.... standing there with her suit cases!!

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It was like the movies........

She had managed to change the return date.

We had a month together getting to know each other better, we were in love!!

It became even harder the next time went to the airport. This time she was off home...............


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