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Love From Philippines Part 2

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Huge phone bills and three months went by, (.....or was it 3 years!), I had to go and see her......

December came. As I walked through Manila airport i saw this gorgeouse lady approaching me.... it was Rowena!

Had a wonderful time together, Met some of her children and family .

Time to go home.

It felt as though i'd only just arrived!

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2006 Weng (Rowena) Back in uk for six months, this time staying with me.

We didn't know how our Fiance Visa application would go as we had all the odds against us because of visa complications but we believed that Honesty was best policy.

The application and interview went through with no hitches, and with lightening speed.

We Married AUGUST 18TH 2007.

Weng has shown me family values that i never saw before and am now coming to understand .

The story doesn't end there............. the Vows we Made Still stand' They always will .

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For richer or poorer, in sickness and health......................

We can all dream but dreams sometimes get broken because of misunderstandings and pride .

I love my wife so very much and I have God given Hope for the future.

By Jay Bee


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