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Touching Stories


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Only Love

One of the most touching story ever. The story is so good that it would be a spoiler for me to reveal what it is about before you even read it. Read this story if you only have time for one story.

Jeremy's Egg

Jeremy was a special child in the sense that he couldn't d0 what most kids can do due to his disability. However, his disability did not prevent him from giving his teacher the most valuable lesson she ever learnt.

A Lesson On Teaching

Whoever said that teachers only goes to school to teach obviously hasn't taught before as this student imparts another good lesson to his teacher in this meaningful story.

Puppies For Sale

Have you ever owned a dog? If you do, this lovely heartwarming story about how a little boy chooses his dog will send your heart tingling.

The Love Letter

A modern day Romeo and Juliet story where a tragic pair of star-crossed lovers ultimately do not have the best ending.


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