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True Love Stories


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The CD Boy

Famous love story found online about how a boy falls in love with a girl in a cd shop but was too shy to walk up to her to tell her about it. As usual, love ends in tears and sorrow.

100 Days Of Love

Cute story about how a game of love can accomplish in 100 days.

A Diary

Diary extracts from a boy who finds himself slowly falling in love with a girl in his class.

13 Days

If 100 days is too long for a love story, you should try reading about this love story that happened in 13 days. Typical teen love story where love often happens and ends too quickly.

The Three Words

What are the magical 3 words that girls like to listen from their boyfriends/husbands? No prizes if you know the answer as this is very often the very 3 words that guys dislike to say in publlic. Read the story if you are still clueless about what we are writing about here.

The Phone Call

Cute phone call about professing love between a young teenage couple.

The Hate Letter

Find out how to write love letters in the sweetest way possible.


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