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Vampire Love Story
The Sacrifice Part 1

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"I'm getting hungry!" shouted Velma, "get me a youngster before I take you!"

Lada took off into the night in search of a young person to bring back to her master. Velma got hungry often, but would only take the life of humans once a week. She usually fed off of chickens, rats, and the occasional goat that came to her yard. She lived in a large castle surrounded by a think forest on the boarder of a place called Helsinki, Finland.

Lada kept running until she spotted two boys about her age. One was tall with shaggy brown heir and blue eyes; he seemed to be the elder. The other one was kind of short, with black hair and almost black eyes. The boys seemed lost, which made them the perfect target.

"Hey, are you boys lost?" Lada asked.

"Yes actually, we are," replied the elder of the two, "I'm James, and this is my younger brother Sam, what's your name?"

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"I'm Lada, it's really nice to meet you. By the way, me and my cousin live in this forest. Why don't you come for dinner we're having vanilla pudding for desert, and in the morning I'll take you back to Helsinki?"

"Wow, I'm starving!" declared Sam in an eagerness she couldn't have imagined him to have.

"Well, let's go!"

The boys followed Lada like lost puppies, which in a way, they were. She brought them to her master's castle and showed them the kitchen.

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"The food is on the counter and there are some knifes and forks in that cupboard, I'll be right back I'm just going to tell me cousin that we have guests," Lada was saying as she left the room.

The boys ate hungrily, not realizing that this could be their last meal.

Velma entered the kitchen wearing a silver bracelet a black dress that hung just above her knees, and a beautiful red and black silk scarf. Her lips were a deeper red than red roses, which came naturally for vampires.

James was the first to notice Velma. She looked about his age with jet black hair and amazing teeth. James was spell bound, she was beautiful.

Velma too noticed James, he looked stunning. He was 18 and had brown shaggy hair with eyes almost as blue as hers. She realized now that there were pretty people in the 20th century. There weren't many, so she couldn't take this one, he reminded her of her old boyfriend, but that was 300 years ago, and he was dead by now. She couldn't kill James, and she wanted him for herself. The only way to do that would be to give him the gift of immortality.


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